Sourcing Innovation

The Problem - We need a way to engage regularly with our key suppliers and be transparent, collaborative and reciprocal in our negotiations.

The Vision - an environment where shippers and their suppliers can benefit mutually from true transparency and trust.

Our Origins

Founder & CEO

Noel McGlynn

Noel McGlynn is the founder and CEO. Having searched in vain for true innovation in sourcing while working in a number of Fortune 200 companies, he created the concept of continuous sourcing to provide a badly needed alternative to RFQ’s and the Spot market.

Co-Founder & CTO

Frankie Bates

Frankie Bates, is our Co-Founder and CTO. His role with Prodensus is to deliver a solution our customers really want. Having previously created a piece of intelligent sourcing software while working as a shipper, he is now putting his skills to work in our emerging and exciting opportunity.